Self-Love & Self-Worth

Self-Love & Self-Worth

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Moon in Venus, Pearls & Rose Quartz


Vastu is an astrological Feng Shui that uses the power of gemstones to align the frequencies of your home and business.  Vastu is practiced in the Vedic Indian astrological tradition to integrate and compass directions, ancient geometric angles and the placements to harness the positive energies of the cosmos. 

These special Vastu cures were handmade by our beloved evolutionary astrologist, Tashi Powers and soaked in the cosmic mantra vibrations.

"Serving ultimately to remind myself of the hologram of source-drenched archetypes, being-ness, co-creators, these objects, gems and deities, align me with the co-creative aspects and all that we interact with on this earth plane" - Tashi Powers

To have a custom Vastu made for you, based on your astrological chart, please email to schedule a consultation with Tashi Powers.